Mikromodely 1/250

20/10/2010 07:30

 Hi to all. Sorry for loooong time without any new article. 

Now, I'm going to type here what is our (Mine and Rawen's) new big project. We are working on for three months, we call it Mikromodely. Mikromodely are small easy model in scale 1/250, we were inspirated by Minibox sets (which were released a few years ago in czech magazine ABC). They were nice, but there was nothing from military technic. And this is, what are Mikromodely about. 

First set was made by Rawen- Czech field hospital in Afganistan (inspirated by real hospital); in this set there are a lot of czech and international cars and trucks (land rovers, Humwee, Iveco, Tatras 810, 815 and more)

This set is going to officially release in November in Czech popular magazine ABC.


About more sets we are planning or doing next...

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