Mikromodely 1/250

USS Dallas/made by Rawen

1/300  Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

Battle of Mogadishu 1993/made by rawen

Thanks to Cafecomics for providing photo Download

Aero L29 Delfín, Avie B534, Bell UH1N Gunship/made by Tom and Rawen

Two planes, L29 Delfín and Avie B534 and Bell UH1N with interior Download here

Albatros DIII/made by Jan Rusňák (edited by Rawen)

Plane from WW I in 4 versions Download here

Mig 15/made by Michal Tichý

Legendary soviet jet plane in two versions and two camouflages. Download here  

Armoured train "Orlik"/made by Rawen

 Russian armoured train from WWI used by Czech legion in Russian civil war 1918-1920 Download part1 and part2

Mig 29/made by Rawen

 Legendary russian plane in Slovak and Ukraina camo Download

President Masaryk/made by Rawen

 Czech monitor from 30's Download

Mig 21/made by Rawen

 2 variants- czechoslovakia and romania download here

Su 25/made by Michal tichý and colored by Rawen

 2 variants-czech and soviet union Download here

Mi 171Sh/made by Rawen

 2 variants- czech nad croatia Download here

Bell 412/made by Rawen

 2 variants- czech police and New york police Download here

PZL W3 Sokol/made by Rawen

 3 variants- poland and 2 czech (military and rescue) Download here

L 410 trubolet/made by Rawen

 2 variants- czech and slovak Download here

L39-L159/made by Rawen

3 versions- czech and slovak L 39 and czech L 159 Download here

Jas 39 Gripen/made by Rawen

 2 versions- czech and sweden Download here

Giftbox/made by Rawen

Special box for vehicles. Ideal like a gift. Download here

Mi 24 HIND/made by Rawen

 Legendary soviet helicopter in 2 variants from Czech air force 221. helicopter squadron winners of the Tiger games 2010. Download here   And there is special pack of 221 squadron  Download here