Recolors our models

Recolors Mi 171, Mi 8/1:250/ made by Cafecomics

 New Germany, Czech and Senegal versions. Download here 

Recolors Mig 29/1:250/made by Cafecomics

 There are recolors of Mig 29 made by Cafecomics- Mig 29-Germany part 1 Mig 29-Germany part 2

Recolors Mig 21/1:250/made by Cafecomics

There are recolors (and upgrated) models of Mig 21 made by Cafecomics. Mig 21-Egypt and Iraq Mig 21- Poland and East Germany Mig 21- Vietnam and North Korea External stores (missiles or tanks)

Recolors L39/1:250/ made by Cafecomics

There are recolors made by Cafecomics L39-Iraq L39-Germany L39-Afghanistan L39-Lithuania  

Recolors L 39/1:250/made by Stevens75

 There are recolors made by Stevens75 L 39-US Navy- Blue angels L39-US Navy L39-Cuba and Bulgaria L39-Estonie and Lituanie L39-Ghana ang Nigerie L39-Hongrie L39-Breitling jet team  

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