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Happy star wars day!

04/05/2014 11:26
Hello gyus, Happy star wars day! :) Check section scifi models, you will find new model, Mighty AT-AT in 1/250 :)

New models from RPmodels

10/02/2014 16:44
Hello guys, qiuck update. Check section models from other designers, our Colleges R & P models released new models in 1/100 scale special for our website. It's BMW R-75 and M3 Stuart mk. I     

New 1/100 models!

23/09/2013 09:29
Hello guys, check Military section for new set Mobilization 1938. It includes 6 pages of tanks in 1/100. 

New models SOON!

21/09/2013 13:57
Hello guys. Check our website on Monday 23rd of September, you can expect new set of models in 1/100 

Another new models from RP models

23/07/2013 22:43
Added several new models made by our friends RP models (stands for Ringo and Pips:) IDF set, Apache longbow helicopter and USMC aircraft set (F 18 Hornet, KA-6 Intruder and MV-22 Osprey all in 1:250 and after long time, new model in 1/100 scale! It's M3 Half-track personel carrier. You can find...

New models

25/06/2013 11:22
Added 3 new sets- Modern russian military, Afghan national army and AČR and ČSLA. All in 1:250 made by our friends from RPmodels (part of models are recolours of our own). You can find them in section Models mady by other designers.

USS Independence available for download!

21/01/2013 13:19
Now you can download our newest model-USS Independence! 


03/01/2013 10:40
Happy new year 2013.  Some news, you can now download Rawens new Mikromodely set- Battle of Mogadishu 1993 and my new set Legendary tanks of WWII and thats not all, more to come, stay tuned!

RAF airfield set now for free

31/10/2012 23:48
You can find it in Models/Mikromodely sets 

Still alive!

11/07/2012 21:20
Huge update today! Check blog for all important news about our papercrafts.
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