Here you can find all models we did or released. There are some sets of Mikromodely which can not be download for now, becouse we released them in czech magazine ABC and you will have to wait for some time, then they will for free. Mikromodely has usually something to do with Czech republic or our history. 

You can type here some opinion or what do you think about our models. It's good to hear some opinion from modellers. 

Chat about models

churchill 7

cookieduster9 | 14/03/2014

could you guys a 1/100 paper model of a churchill 7 tank beacause there is no other place to get one

More models, please

Lucas | 08/03/2014

your models are great
but you could make vehicles related with vietnam war, like the sheridan, patton and pt-76 tanks

US Aircraft

Charlie Thompson | 28/08/2013

hello paper model makers, i like a lot you models, but i have a request, i would like us aircraft in 1/250, like the f-16, f-22, f-35 and f-15, so if you can do it, it would be appreciated, cheers!

ainol | 25/07/2013

ainol professional brand website !

some request

gabriel f.d | 14/07/2013

thanks for this website for help me to fulfill my hobby .
but may i request for panzer I ,panzer II and panzer III models ?
because that model is so rare ,and i found some difficulities to find them .
thanks for your attention .

modifikace modelu T-55

Michal | 23/04/2013

neuvažujete o modifikaci již stávajícího modelu T-55 v měřítku 1:100 na obrněné transportéry BTR-T nebo Achzarit?

Polish armor

Jakub | 22/04/2013

hi you are great! but make something new...Make a PT-91 Twardy tank or Polish tank T-55 Merida :D

americké vozy

skros | 02/04/2013

mohli by ste prosím vytvoriť nejaké americké nákladiaky z druhej svetovej v mierke 1:100 ďakujem


kim | 06/02/2013

More mig-21

stihac tankov Hetzer

Tomson | 18/01/2013

Dobrý ďeň
Mohli by ste prosim urobiť nemecký stíhač tankov Hetzer v mierke 1:100. Veľmi sa mi páči a chcel by som ho mat ako model. Vaše modely sú naozaj úžasné stiahol som si všetky tanky. Ďakujem

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